CiviMobile & CiviSync Android Apps

This session will cover two recent developments in mobile access to CiviCRM: CiviMobile - jQueryMobile web app, and CiviSync a native android app.

During this session we’ll be exploring the different apps, their pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses, and a whole lot more!
There will also be a hands on demo of the apps - so please bring along your mobile devices.
As part of the session, you’ll get to take a look at the code, structure and technologies used. We’ll let you know about how you can get involved with both projects, as well as find out how you can begin to start using them on your own CiviCRM site.

The session is aimed at intermediate users of CiviCRM, developers and anyone interested in finding out about accessing CiviCRM via mobile devices. If you haven't used CiviCRM before you might want to check out another session.

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