CiviAccounts, Paperless Direct Debits and Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)


There are three parts to this session:

  1. CiviAccounts: Accounting Integration for CiviCRM
    • Support for double entry accounting
    • Accounting detail exported at line item
    • Audit trail: Changes, reversals and refunds handled by posting 'difference' transactions
    • Tracking of batches of transactions exported to accounting systems
    • Flexible payments, including partial payments, and single payment covering several outstanding items
  2. Paperless Direct Debits
    • What is a Direct Debit
    • What is a Paperless Direct Debit
    • Standing Orders v Direct Debits
    • What do you need to do to start taking Paperless Direct Debits
    • CiviCRM and Paperless Direct Debits
  3. Single Euro Payments Area
    • What is SEPA?
    • How does it help non-profits using CiviCRM? (hint: virtually no fees, (85% of donations by direct debit in germany)

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